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Procurement of Railway Industry Equipment

Considering the high demand of Iran market for expanding Railway lines and relatively Railway Industry and Rolling Stocks and the development of this industry and emerging Rolling Stock Manufacturers in Iran market, the requirement for procurement of different equipment in this field also increased. With a very good background in international trading of rolling stock material, from simple deliveries of freight and passenger coaches parts to various Railway Administrations, we could take a part of this market for ourselves.

We present our wide range of products and services, consisting of the following sections:

  • freight cars
  • passenger coaches
  • welded bogies Y 25 range for freight cars
  • bogies for passenger coaches
  • buffers, air tanks and various forged and cast parts for freight cars
  • outer and inner steel springs for bogies
  • equipment for rolling stock workshops
  • Monoblock prestressed or bi-block
  • equipment for production of concrete sleepers
  • wooden sleepers (white or impregnated) as per UIC standards
  • fastners, screw spikes for rail sleepers
  • 2-nd hand rollingstock used or refurnished (freight cars, passenger coaches, diesel electric and electric locomotives)


  • FORGINGS and CASTINGS made of steel based on customer’s technical documentation and requirements made from carbon steel for general use, stainless refractory steel, special application steel, as per ASTM, GOST, AISI, UIC, EN standards.
  • CASTINGS made of cast iron based on customer’s technical documentation and requirement made from grey cast iron, nodular cast iron, allied and highly allied cast iron as per ASTM, EN.
  • NON FEROUSS CASTINGS made from cast bronze and cast aluminium bronze
  • WASTE HEAT BOILERS AND HEAT EXCHANGERS (suitable for chemical and thermo electrical industries)

    • industrial valves, gate valves, globe valves, ball valves, swing check valves forged and cast; casing, tubing, drill-pipes, boilers pipes, pipes for technological equipment, special applications pipes, pipes as per ISO, API, DIN standards;

    special machine for drilling holes in the ground for pillars, bridges and underground cables of electricity


Hydraulic Cylinders used for machinery in different industries:

  • Agriculture machines
  • Construction machines
  • Lifting machinery (lift trucks)
  • Other machinery for special purposes


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